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Treatment of sexual problems

Male sexual problems

  • Low libido

  • Premature ejaculation

  • Delayed ejaculation

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Penile rehabilitation after urological interventions (e.g., Prostatectomy)

  • Sexuality and chronic diseases
    (e.g., cancer, diabetes, rheuma, COPD)

  • Sex addiction

  • Addiction and excessive porn consumption

  • Excessive masturbation

  • Orgasm problems

  • Genital pain

  • Postcoital dysphoria

Andea Burri, Sexologin, Sexualberatung Zürich

Female sexual problems

Andea Burri, Sexologin, Sexualberatung Zürich
  • Low libido   

  • Arousal problems

  • Anorgasmia, orgasm problems

  • Reduced lubrication

  • Genital pain (e.g., dyspareunia)

  • Sexuality after pregnancy and labor

  • Sexuality and chronic diseases
    (e.g., cancer, diabetes, rheuma, COPD)

  • Vaginism   

  • Sexual aversion                               

  • Postcoital dysphoria                    

  • Sexual orientation

  • Gender identity issues

  • Sex addiction   

Relationship problems and other issues

Andea Burri, Sexologin, Paarberatung Zürich
  • Relationship problems 

  • Sexual problems in the relationship

  • Communication problems

  • Unfulfilled child wish

  • Violence in relationships

  • Relationship dynamics

  • Infidelity

  • Polyamorie

  • LGBTQ+ und Coming-out

  • Gender identity issues

  • Sexual preferences

  • Shame and sexual anxieties

  • Sexual trauma and experience of abuse

  • Repressed sexual fantasies

  • Asexuality

What to expect

I work client centred and holistic, taking into account novel clinical and scientific insights.  

Not every approach fits every person or every problem or situation. Because sexual problems can be caused by psychological or biological factors - most of the times it is even a combination of both. This means that the most promising way to approach your problem is to focus on you: your individual circumstances, your worries, your anxieties, your resources, your life situation and your personal wishes and expectations. Together we will identify the core of your problems while also taking care of the various consequences it can have on a psychological and romantic level. In other words: the management strategies I use are as individual as are your problems.

They root not only on my professional year-long expertise and solid education but also on current scientific and clinical knowledge. As an avid sex researcher with over 150 published studies, I am at the forefront of sexual sciences and its novel insights, which I know how to implement - where useful - in my practical work. I also liaise with a broad network of urologists and gynaecologists and other medical experts in cases where such a collaboration is needed in order to provide the best possible treatment outcomes. Depending on the situation, there is a variety of ways how we can manage your issues:

Psychosexual education. Means, providing you with information and insights about sexuality because often our expectations and ideas of what is "normal" are unrealistic.

By reducing fears, worries and performance pressure & by identifying and reducing negative thoughts and dysfunctional behavior

By learning strategies and techniques (using exercises) to e.g., improve your erectile function, to delay your ejaculation or to learn how to experience a (more intensive) orgasm.

By fostering open communication as a couple so that wishes and expectations but also problems can be talked about in a constructive way without guilt and shame

By broadening your understanding of sexuality and they various ways we can exchange intimacy and be sexually active. Because sex is not just intercourse and should not be about performance.

By identifying the hurdles and sources that prevent the couple to be intimate and by learning how to increase closeness and intimacy and to reduce conflicts 

Any form of therapy requires self-disclosure from the client's end and an immense commitment to bringing about the desired change.

Once you decide to take this chance, then major break-throughs can be achieved in a relatively short time. Also, each therapeutic process that you undergo can lead to new realisations and gain of knowledge about your person which can prove fruitful also in other areas of your life.

Further information


I offer counselling in English and German in Zurich close to Zurich main station. I also speak fluent Portuguese and I have basic knowledge in French and Italian.


Please note that counselling is not covered by health insurance and therefore the costs have to be borne by yourself.


The counselling takes places during a relaxing walk in the woods, along the lake or anywhere the client wishes.


Many people find it easier to talk about their issues in a less formal and unforced environment. Give it a try and balance your body and mind!



New clients are asked to pay the first session cash on site or via Twint.

For the following sessions an invoice can be issued at the end of each month.


The number of sessions is individual. In many cases 3 to 5 sessions in a weekly or two-weekly periodicity will be sufficient.

Depending on the issue or the client’s wishes, a longer duration with bigger intervals is also possible.


You can cancel or change your appointment via email or telephone up to 48 hours before the session without any costs.

Short-term cancellations or non-attendance – independent of the reason – will be charged in full.


As healthcare professionals we are bound by professional secrecy.

We therefore treat all the information we receive from you in confidence and we do not forward information to third parties without your explicit consent. 

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